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Meadowland Building, 480 South Cache Street

Jackson, WY 83001

Office: (307) 201-1489

Fax:( 307) 201-1491

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We Accept Almost All Insurance Plans

Please check with your insurance to see if we are in network or call and we will help you find out.  If we are not in network please call and we will see what it takes to become a part of your network.

We understand that insurance is confusing and difficult at times so we are here to help you.  Mandy does all the billing and she will be more than happy to call on your behalf and find out what benefits are available for your appointment.  We pre-authorize all procedures and give you an estimate of what you may owe. We want to work with you and make your visit here as smooth as possible.

We are happy to arrange payment plans for any patient.

Payment Policies

We will bill all major insurance companies after your visit. If you prefer to pay in cash or check at the time of service, we will offer a 15% discount with cash or local check. Major procedures must be preauthorized. Payment plans are available to all patients regardless of insurance status. Just ask to speak with our billing expert, Mandy, to discuss all insurance and payment plan options.

Local Programs and Assistance Home Page Health Dept

The Teton County Public Health Department promotes more accessible prenatal health and support in our valley. Please contact them for more information regarding their maternal and child health programs along                                            with financial assistance.

                                                                              Tel: 3077328628 or Visit this Link 

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