Do You Have a Higher Risk of Pregnancy?

At Jackson Hole Care for Women, Dr. Mary Girling and Tara Holley RNP are here to help with your women's healthcare needs. If you are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy in Jackson, WY, or think you might be, contact us for an appointment.

Is My Pregnancy High-risk?

A high-risk pregnancy is certainly worrisome for an expectant mother, but our medical professionals are skilled at providing comprehensive care to mothers who have risk factors and complications with pregnancies. We categorize a pregnancy as high-risk for any of the following qualifiers:

  • You are younger than 17 or older than 35.
  • You are pregnant with more than one baby (multiple births).
  • You are overweight or underweight.
  • You have had past pregnancy problems - If you've had a premature baby in the past or a baby with birth defects.
  • You have a health condition - any existing condition like hypertension or diabetes needs to be monitored throughout your pregnancy.

Your lifestyle also helps us determine if there are any risk factors for your pregnancy. Speak with your provider honestly about your habits including drinking and your health history including any substance use in your past.

What Can I Do To Help My Baby?

When you have a high-risk pregnancy, you are of course wondering what you can do to keep yourself and your baby healthy through to delivery. Whether your pregnancy is high-risk or not, you should still nourish your body and your baby with a healthy diet and find ways to manage your stress levels.

You need to avoid smoking and alcohol throughout your pregnancy. Keep all your prenatal appointments and make sure you are up to date on all immunizations. Your doctor may recommend additional screens and tests throughout your pregnancy, and we are here to support you through to delivery.

Get Help Today

Dr. Mary Girling and Tara Holley RNP of Jackson Hole Care for Women are here to help if you are having a high-risk pregnancy in Jackson, WY. Contact us for an appointment at (307) 201-1489.

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